Tanks Market

I told you I'd be back on Monday and here I am!

So this Sunday October 26th is Tanks Market day. Here is a list of what will be available, so come along and get your Cupkates fix!

{Baking list for Tanks!}

*Peanut brittle
*Musk sticks
*Coconut ice
*SNICKERS POPCORN :) (new item)

Biscuits and baking
*Choc chip biscuits
*Big bird slice
*Peanut butter brownies
*Choclate raspberry brownies
*White choc and Cranberry biscuits
*Salted caramel sauce

*Bacon Maple
*Va va voom vanilla
*What's up doc? (Carrot)
*Nutella and toasted marshmallow
*Lime and coconut
*Salted caramel popcorn
*Turkish Delight
*Freckle! (New item)

I know, I know....

I know, I know it's been over a year since I have posted but this is all going to change! I am going to make Monday's my bookwork day which will include updating my blog. So until next Monday this is what I'm up to this week, go on spoil someone you love....


My 30th Birthday Tea Party

This past Saturday I celebrated my 30th Birthday. I have always wanted to host a beautiful tea party and figured what better excuse then turning 30! I know you see all these amazing events on the party blogs and they are crazy over the top, so I wanted to show you all that you can create a beautiful day on a minimal budget.

It was held in my parents garden. For decor I hung a streamer garland from the trees which cost me $20 and a few hours of my (and my mums!) time. The buffet and table used are from inside mum and dad's home and the trestle tables we sat at are mine, everyone needs a trestle table or 2 they are super handy! The white tablecloths on the tables are mine too and are available to hire from Cupkates and the crochet ones have been handed down through the family or borrowed from lovely friends. The chairs I did hire for $8 a chair.  

The table runners are a beautiful floral fabric I picked up at Spotlight when they had 40% off and 2.5 meters cost me $14 then my mum sewed them up for me. I had been collecting jars for a few months and got a couple of meters of lace for $2mtr and with my hot glue gun attached the lace to the jars, I also prettied them up with some ribbon and pearls I had in my craft box left over from my wedding 7 years ago! I was lucky enough to get a delivery of flowers at my local woolies the day before of snap dragons and grabbed a couple of bunches for $8 each. I also made a little photo collage using garden stakes from Masters and wooden pegs spray painted gold (by my sister!) Then it was just a case of hanging the ribbon between the 2 gold stakes and pegging the photos on.

We started off with some champagne punch and iced tea in my vintage saucers along with some finger sandwiches and other little savoury nibbles. (Dispensers and champagne sauces are also available to hire.)

Iced Tea

 I must say the champagne punch went down a treat, think I'll have to post the recipe sometime! So we chatted and ate and drank, it was lovely!

Then onto the tea and sweets. The teacup and teapots are a collection of my own and my friends and family. We enjoyed Irish Breakfast and French Earl Grey from T2.

 The cake was coconut and very simple and in fact I wasn't happy with it at all but it tasted delish! And since it was just for little ol me I wasn't bothered at all in the slightest, I just wanted to enjoy my birthday with my favourite ladies.

                                    I had always wanted to try an ombre cake, love the look.

For the sweets table I had all my favourite things, scones with cream and rosella jam, mini hummingbird cupcakes, caramel tarts, lemon cheesecake, trifle and melting moments. Lastly the birthday cake which was coconut.

The tassel garland behind the dessert table where a little luxury for me, a custom order from Blush Loves Mint. I hope to use them again for another project of mine coming up in 2014.

My invitations, food labels and thank you tags where from I will Invitations.

Then as my guests left they got a little thank you gift, beautiful cookies made from Kerry at Crumbs of Yum. 

Hope you enjoyed a little look at my birthday celebration, thank you and happy baking.


Stationery from I will invitations : www.iwillinvitations.com.au
Thank you cookies from Crumbs of Yum: www.crumbsofyum.com
Tassel Garland from Blush Loves Mint: www.blushlovesmint.com
Catering and Hire from Cupkates : www.cupkates.com.au

My new favourite pancake recipe!

I LOVE pancakes for breakfast. I have had some pretty yummy pancakes over the years at different cafes but when I make them at home they are just not the same. My boys love pancakes for a weekend treat so it's really something I want to perfect! Whilst on Pinterest the other day I came across a recipe called "Your new favourite pancake recipe!" Well this had me intrigued!

After reading the recipe I was sold, convinced it would be amazing because of the method involved! Now it takes a little more time this way and you will have a little more washing up to do then with a regular recipe but it's worth it. They are so light and fluffy, and a little on the thicker side which is exactly how I love them!

The original recipe adds blueberries and has a blueberry compote recipe with it which would be amazing! I added slices of bananas to mine, yum! Also raspberries would be delish but they are amazing on their own smothered in maple syrup!!

Your new favourite pancake recipe

  • 2 eggs, separated
  • 220ml buttermilk (if you don't have buttermilk just add 1tbsp of vinegar or lemon juice to normal milk. Leave to sit for 5 minutes to go "sour")
  • 70g butter, melted and cooled
  • 190g plain flour
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 tblsp caster sugar
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1.2 tsp bi-carb soda
  • Optional : Blueberries, raspberries, banana slices, cinnamon, grated apple, etc...
Separate the eggs, putting the whites in a bowl big enough to whisk into soft peaks.

Mix the yolks, milk and cooled melted butter in a bowl. 

In another bowl sift the flour, baking powder and bi-carb. Add the salt and sugar and mix well.

Whisk the egg whites to a soft peak.

Mix the yolk mixture and the dry ingredients together, stir lightly a few lumps remaining are ok. Over-mixing will create a tough batter.

Then fold through the egg whites, making sure you go gently as not to knock out all the air from the eggs. This step is what I think makes ALL the difference, this is how you get the light, fluffy texture. 

Heat your frypan. You can use butter but I like using the spray cooking oil, less mess and slightly healthier. Add batter to your pan, the amount will depend on the size pancake you like. If you want to add fruit you can do so now (alternatively you can mix additions in the batter before folding in the egg whites). Once you start to see bubbles appearing on the top of your pancakes it time to flip em! 

Build a stack and smother them in maple syrup and ENJOY!

Wonderful Workshops


This last month I held some new workshops! Heaps of fun and I love mucking around with new designs.

The first we did was "Let's hear it for the boys!" I find boys so difficult to design cupcakes for. Girls are easy and there is a myriad of different flower and butterfly cutters out there to make it quick and easy to whip up pretty girly cupcakes. We need to get inventive for our boys and we made all the 2d toppers with nothing fancy except a set of circle cutters and a knife! It was lot's of fun and I even had my mum come along and have a go. Hopefully I get enough interest to hold another one!

These are mum mum's, love the little bows on her teddy bears!

Secondly I did some fashionista themed designs! So much fun! I have to say I utterly squeal in delight at making edible lippys and clutch purses. Here are some of my student's work and if you would like to attend a fashionista workshop too I have some coming up in July, click HERE for more information.